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Connecting Makers to Healthcare Professionals in Need

Everyone wants to help our healthcare professionals and that is GREAT! BUT. There are a lot of disparate efforts happening without good coordination. I invite all of you to use this website and our Facebook page to help make coordinated efforts that ensure:

1. The masks and other items you are making are usable and meet the need
2. One point of coordination for drop-off and delivery to healthcare providers. Better one person to show up with 500 masks than 10 people with 50 masks. Hospitals have enough on their plates and we don’t want to hurt them. We need to help in the least intrusive way possible
3. A coordinated effort will get more product out faster. Many hands make light work! If you choose to answer a direct call to action instead of working through RCoA, Sewing For Lives, or other organized efforts, please try to coordinate a single person to collect masks and do the drop-off to your healthcare providers. WE DON’T WANT TO ADD TO THE OVERWHELM AT OUR HOSPITALS NO MATTER HOW MUCH WE WANT TO HELP!



I am collecting direct asks from organizations on this page – be aware that the requests may have been filled. PLEASE COORDINATE BEFORE RUSHING OVER WITH SUPPLIES. WE DON’T WANT TO ADD TO THE OVERWHELM AT OUR HOSPITALS NO MATTER HOW MUCH WE WANT TO HELP!


Please go to and join their group. They are HIGHLY EXPERIENCED in delivering masks on a large-scale. I will be coordinating with them as much as possible to match sewers with need.

RCoA has requested that all volunteers work through their Facebook group.



Sewing for Lives is based in Utah AND looking for help with the location of healthcare facilities in need AND seamstresses. We are based in Utah, however, our community is already nationwide. Join their Facebook Group:

They are launching a ‘matchmaking service’ and have instructions for the masks they need in the FB group.


I am collecting resouces on our 3D page and looking for help coordinating need with makers. If anyone is working on this and wants to combine efforts, please email or DM me through the Facebook group ttps://

I have several people who I know are working on face shields. Relief Crafters is not coordinating that right now. Anyone who has already started work on this, email me so we can coordinate. Melissa Raulston


Wazoodle has medical-grade fabric. They are struggling to stay open in the time of shutdowns so I cannot guarantee they can ship but it is worth a try:

Wazoodle is making a concerted effort to be classified as an ESSENTIAL SERIVCE so they are not shut down. Please help them in their efforts to stay open:

PA Textile mills ORDERED TO CLOSE. CONSIDERED NON ESSENTIAL. We might not be able to provide critical fabrics to make face masks. At this time we need to consider Textile operations as essential to life.

We need your help in telling the government, PLEASE KEEP TEXTILE MAKING/PROCESSING UNITS and CUT AND SEW UNITS OPEN.
Please sign the petition –
Contact the governor – h


If you are a MINNESOTA health systems that would like to receive handmade masks or a local fabric store that would like to supply fabric to volunteers, contact Susan Schuster at to be added to the list.

If you prefer to make a direct request to sewers in your area, send an email to with the information and I will publish it with an accompanying call on our Facebook group,

Your organization can also make requests through the RELIEF CRAFTERS OF AMERICA form, below: